Higashi-Nakano Gym


Jujutsu Class

We offer beginner and regular classes, so you can casually participate no matter your age and fitness level.

Classes are done in uniforms. Originally an art of self-defense grappling based on judo, it is becoming very popular among celebrities in the US.
With a wide age range, it is a sport you can start from your 40s, and casually participate in competitions. You can participate in both beginner and regular classes.


For weight loss and relieving stress!We welcome women!

With a famous model recently taking up kickboxing, it has become a popular class for weight loss. Punching and kicking are suitable for toning your body, and we recommend this class for those looking to relieve stress through a workout, or those seeking to fight competitively. It is suitable for a varierty of needs these days.


Women are welcome! Let’s enjoy grappling!

It is a class for those who have been interested and wanted to try wrestling, joint-locking, pro-wrestling, and Pride, to enjoy and break some sweat. It is suitable for women interested in self-defense.

Fitness Class

It is a class where you get to have fun stretching, core training, and self-weight training using your own weight.

It is a popular class for both men and women to check their body conditions.


At Grabaka we offer yoga classes at very reasonable prices.

Yoga has been popular for many years as a way to relax or maintain a healthy body through mental concentration, breathing techniques, and becoming more flexible.(offered at Higashi-Nakano Gym only)


Beginners and those starting again after a few years could participate without pushing too hard.

At Grabaka, we offer judo classes. It is helpful to strengthen your standing techniques in jujutsu. It is a class with many students who have “always been interested in trying” or “used to do Judo back in school”. We aim to offer guidance without pushing too hard for everyone to enjoy.(offered at Higashi-Nakano gym only)

Kids Class

At Grabaka’s kids class we mainly teach jujutsu.

Besides jujutsu, kids could exercise while having fun using the large mattress space, playing dodgeball or through mattress exercises. Through proper manners and such in daily activities, we aim for kids to become mentally strong as well as physical. The Grabaka kids have been successful in jujutsu competitions.(offered at Higashi-Nakano gym only)



Admission fee

Male ¥10,800 (w/tax) -> currently free!
Female ¥8,100 (w/tax) -> currently free!
Children ¥6,500 (w/tax) -> currently free!

Monthly fee

Male ¥10,800 (w/tax)
Female ¥8,100 (w/tax)
Children ¥6,500 (w/tax)

For one time payment annual fee

Male ¥108,000 (w/tax)
*you save 2 months’ fee
Female ¥81,000 (w/tax)
*you save 2 months’ fee
Children ¥65,000 (w/tax)
*you save 2 months’ fee
Documents required to join
1. ATM card that you know the passcode to Easy payment method without having to fill out the direct debit form!
2. 2 ID photos (4cm x 3cm))


Adress 4-27-26 View Flat 1F, Nakano-ku, Higashi-Nakano Tokyo
Business Hours Mon – Sun 6:00 – 25:00
*Please refer to the time schedule for trainers’ schedules.
Inquires TEL:03-5348-3092
Access Tozai Line Ochiai Station #3 Exit 1 min. walk
JR Line Higashi-Nakano Station East Exit 9 min. walk
Oedo Line Nakai Station A2 Exit 6 min. walk
Seibi Shinjuku Line Nakai Station 8 min. walk