Mom Kick

2017/2/7 (Tues) NEW OPEN Welcoming new registrations!!
We are offering free trials for beginners and women! Feel free to contact us
  • For those interested in trying out the popular kicking and punching exercises or for post childbirth light exercise. Punch the mitt and feel refreshed!
  • There is no sparring (actual fighting). Mitting will be done in a fun environment with the trainer or between members.
  • Those looking to take up a new hobby, lose weight or maintain body conditions without pushing too hard, or for some exercise!

Kick fitness is currently popular with women!
Kick, burn, and tone your waist! Feel refreshed and detoxed in a short time.
Coaching by female instructors! Light post childbirth exercise! We welcome children! Soft mattresses that are safe! We welcome general participants!
We offer a kick fitness studio for mothers who have difficulty leaving the house to bring their kids along.

*This is a female-only studio, so we welcome non-mothers, though there may be some disturbances by the children.


  • Admission fee 6,480yen -> Currently free!
  • One time visitor 1,500yen
  • Monthly fee 6,480yen
  • Special plan Monthly fee 4,980yen (*need to renew at least 6 months)

  • 1,500yen X months of membership

*Membership fee will be withdrawn from your account on a monthly basis regardless of the number of lessons.


  • Tuesday/Friday 11:00- (60min)
  • The day of the week and time may change in the future depending on your demands we receive in the questionaire

What to bring at time of registration (2 things)

  • Fee for the first month
  • ATM card
  • 30mmx40mm 2 ID photos

*If you choose monthly, the fee will be directly debited from your bank account every month.


“I’m worried that I will not be able to keep up…”
This is a course for all beginners and people with no experience in kickboxing. Everyone’s a beginner here.
Let’s take breaks in between and enjoy communication while we practice.
“Is it dangerous?”
We don’t see any danger as the purpose of the lesson is to break some sweat and work out.
We think about safety fist, and will conduct lessons that suit everyone’s goals.
“I would like to first know the atmosphere of the lessons”
Right now we have a campaign where you can come experience your first lesson for free!
Please take this opportunity to come check out the lesson! You can come solo or bring friends.
“How old does my child have to be to bring him/her along?”
Babies that could hold up their heads could join with their moms. It is a class mainly for moms.
There are friends in different age groups, so we think about safetly first so that everyone can enjoy kick fitness according to their levels.
We have dressing rooms so you can breast feed or feed your baby during lessons.

[What to bring] Exercise wear, towel, drinks. If you’re bringing your child(ren), we suggest you bring some toys.


  • Friend referral We give discounts of 500yen/month for every friend introduced.
    (Maximum discount of \2,500, up to 5 friend referrals)
  • Sports Insurance (optional) 1,850yen (annual renewal)
    As this is a light fitness class designed for beginners, we don’t expect many insuries to occur, but if you’re worried we have optional sports insurance.
  • Please note that in cases of natural disasters or other circumstances and the female instructor is unable to teach the lesson, we will either switch to another date, cancel, or have a substitute male instructor teach the lesson

Address Inquiries

GRABAKA Gym Akabane 1-30-1 Koei Bldg 3F Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo
JR Akabane Station East Exit 4 min. walk
Nanboku Line Akabane Iwabuchi Station #1 Exit 2 min. walk