Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will beginners be okay to participate?
A. More than 90% of those that join Grabaka Gym are beginners.
All members including those that have grown tired of a fitness gym enjoy exercising at our gym.
Q. Due to my work hours, is it possible to join mid-class and leave during a class?
A. No problem. Please come at a time that suits your schedule.
Q. I’m over 40 and a beginner. Will I be alright?
A. Please do not worry. At Grabaka Gym we have members of all ages from students to those in their 50s, all enjoying our classes as part of their fitness.
Also with jujutsu, in recent years there are senior competitions and showing great popularity.
Q. I’m a female. Will I be alright?
A. At our gym, we have many female members.
Everyone enjoys exercising with Kick.
By working out your core muscles, it can tone your waist and hip.
Please feel free to come to a free trial.
Q. I’m worried that I will not be able to keep up.
A. In general, the classes are beginners-based and are designed so beginners could keep up.
We don’t ask our members to push beyong their capabilities and they work out at their own pace with water breaks in between.
Q. Can I participate in as many classes as I want during the week? Are the plans different for classes for kick, jujutsu, etc?
A. We don’t have separate plans. Within the monthly fee, you can join as many classes as you want, in any class.
Within our members there are those that only do kick, only jujutsu, join all classes, join one class per week, so you can participate according to your wishes and schedule.