Member’s Voices

Male in 40s (12 years at Grabaka)

I joined because I wanted to lose weight. I come around 3-4 times a week.
The reason I have been able to continue for this long is because at a normal fitness gym, you work quietly alone, but here, you can interact with other members and have fun exercising.
These days there are many women that come to exercise and it’s nice that you get to work at your own pace.

Male in 30s (10 years at Grabaka)

All the instructors are very nice.
It has become widely known these days, but it is great that I get to work out my body like any other fitness exercise.
I come maybe once or twice a week, but my family has told me that I look more fit.
The best part was being able to work out at my own pace.
At my age, your physical strength starts to gradually weaken, so I’m thankful to see the change in my body even from coming here just once a week.

Male in 30s (10 years at Grabaka)

I come from Yamanashi to Tokyo once a week.
It is nice that I could work out at my own pace, taking breaks if I’m not feeling my best.
I think having fun is the biggest reason that I have been able to continue for so long.
I went to see many gyms, but I think Grabaka’s friendly atmosphere and flexibility in a good way is the best part of this gym.
In terms of physical strength, I think my core has become stronger.
Not only in terms of fitness, but I think it is also good in terms of self-defense if there is ever a need.
I’ve never been able to continue doing something for so long, so I think it is important that you are having fun.

Male in 20s from Australia (3 months at Grabaka)

I joined Grabaka because I had seen Kikuta-san in Australia.
I love Pride and Japanese pro-wrestling.
Of course, martial arts is also popular in Australia.
You use your entire body when workouting out with martial arts, so it is globally popular among men and women these days.
I love Grabaka because it is fun and has a great atmosphere.

Female in 20s (5 months at Grabaka)

I found out that kick boxing is popular among woman recently, so I came with the purpose of dieting.
I am happy because I can exercise.
I just started, but it is peaceful and very fun.
I am also able to release stress.
Female in 30s (5 years at Grabaka)

I get bored easily if I am training alone in a sports gym, so the class lessons are very good.
I am not fond of running, so I want to continue this because it is fun.
After entering Grabaka, my body swelling has stopped,
my metabolism has increased, and my dry skin is gone.
My body has become toned so it is very good.